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06/10/2024 04:00:55 PM


TBS and CEE at the Pride Parade on June 8th, 2024! 



05/28/2024 12:36:18 PM



Four TBS members joined a large crowd of volunteers for Expo ’74 SpoCanopy Tree...Read more...

05/10/2024 12:39:27 PM


Rabbi Tamar Yom Hashoah Presentation for FAFB

Yom Hashoah Ceremony
Fairchild Air Force Base
May 7, 2024


The...

04/16/2024 09:48:40 AM


Trees Talk - Submitted by Steve Silverstein

Art Zack PhD, Rabbi Tamar Malino, Lauren Fins PhD, Justyce Brandt, Lands Council



04/09/2024 02:10:51 PM


I Love Matzah! Submitted by Karrie Brown, TBS Board President

 I love matzah!  There!  I’ve put it in print and am prepared to stand and be proud.  Most of   my friends either just barely tolerate matzah, or enthusiastically embrace matzah at the first   seder and then are happy to be through.  Me, I can eat...Read more...

03/19/2024 01:18:08 PM


Successful Tikkun Olam Event at 2nd Harvest by Dale Severance - Tikkun Olam Chair

Successful Tikkun Olam Event at 2nd Harvest

03/13/2024 11:11:25 AM


The TBS Tzedakah Box by Rabbi Tamar

Dear TBS Friends and Family,

Many of you might remember a childhood experience of bringing change for tzedakah (charity/justice) to the synagogue, either to put in those rusty blue and white JNF (Jewish...Read more...

03/11/2024 02:07:05 PM


Women on the Move and the Museum of Arts and Culture

Thank you to everyone who joined Women on the Move at the MAC exhibit!  It was an interesting and educational experience that we all enjoyed. Keep watching your bulletin for the next WOM gathering!


02/29/2024 01:40:20 PM


Gesher in the TBS kitchen

Gabriela and Gesher were in the TBS kitchen baking challahRead more...

02/09/2024 11:46:10 AM


Temple Beth Shalom is a strong supporter of Spokane Area Jewish Family Services, many of our TBS community enjoy supporting JFS activities. TBS hosts the JFS Luncheons almost every month.

This month was a jazz trio and the TBS community turned out to show its support. The music was phenomenal!  As you can see in the pictures, everyone had a great time. Check your TBS Weekly Bulletin for...Read more...

02/06/2024 12:39:59 PM


Na'ama Krauz

If you come across our Hebrew School students this week, you may notice that they have a little extra pep in their step- they are a bundle of excited nervous energy as they prepare for their first of two weekends devoted to class led services!

For the past five months, our Hebrew School students have devoted themselves to studying various parts of the Friday evening and Saturday morning services. Over the coming weekend, we hope...Read more...

01/26/2024 12:42:24 PM


The TBS Women on the Move are always doing something fun! Check your bulletin for upcoming WOM events.

01/25/2024 11:27:04 AM


Neal Schindler

Neal Schindler is the Director of Spokane Area Jewish Family Services and a Guest Contributor to the TBS Blog

This is for all of you who are setting up your 2024 calendar with outstanding, interesting, and fun events. This one is perfect for anyone who loves movies from around the world.

Spokane Area Jewish Family Services is excited to present...

01/19/2024 11:48:30 AM


Rabbi Tamar

Deep freeze and storms have hit Spokane, and winter will be with us for a couple more months to come. And yet, in a week we will celebrate the holiday of Tu B’shvat. Known as “The New Year of the Trees,” Tu B’shvat is the time in Israel when spring is in the air, and the first blossoms appear on the trees.  The dissonance of celebrating Tu B’shvat while snow is on the...Read more...

12/19/2023 02:31:55 PM


Shalom Everyone

Each month I create my own desktop to fit the season and mood that I want to embody for that month. One of the ways I do this is by picking a quote and placing it front and center on my desktop. Each time I log into my computer, open a new app, or simply clear my screen of distractions, I am reminded of the quote that I have chosen for myself for the month. For...Read more...

11/20/2023 02:29:59 PM


Rabbi Tamar

I don’t know about you, but my heart is so heavy every day with the tragic news from Israel.  I’d like to share with you again the opening words I offered at our TBS Vigil in Solidarity with Israel during the first days of the war, words that I believe are still very relevant a few weeks later. 

Vigil in Solidarity with Israel:
Prayers of Hope and Strength, Healing and Release, Grief and Peace 10-10-23

We...

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784