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Considering joining Temple Beth Shalom? We would be glad to welcome you as a new member. To learn more, contact our Membership Chair by email at or by calling our office at 509-747-3304.

We are proud to say that our membership represents a wide range of the Jewish community. With almost 200 member families, we have a healthy mix of members touching all age ranges and including people with varied backgrounds in Judaism. When you walk into Temple Beth Shalom, you will feel the warmth and welcome of our community.

Any person of the Jewish faith who is 18 years old or older may apply for membership at Temple Beth Shalom. A membership unit can be one person, if you are single, or it can include the people in your household, if you have a family. Unmarried college students through the age of 25 are considered part of their parent’s household.

Questions about membership if you or someone in your family is not Jewish? See Interfaith Life at Temple Beth Shalom to learn more.

Why Should Temple Beth Shalom Be Your Shul?

Here are five great reasons to become a member at Temple Beth Shalom.

  1. Your Rabbi
    As a member of Temple Beth Shalom, Rabbi Tamar Malino will be available to you and your family for spiritual counsel, visitation, and celebrating life events. She connects personally with each member of our congregation.
  2. Your Children
    Temple Beth Shalom is your partner in providing a nurturing Jewish environment for your children. Our congregation has a strong concentration of families with school-aged children. Your children are welcome at our Shabbat services and our youth activities. Temple Beth Shalom will not only be your shul, it will be your children’s shul.
  3. Your Community
    Our shul includes many different types of people and families. We pray, share meals, and celebrate our important life events together. Temple Beth Shalom is an open shul, known for its down-to-earth warmth and spirit. Our members practice different types of religious observance, but everyone is welcomed and respected equally.
  4. Your Simchas
    The highlights of your life are the simchas—the joyous occasions. Temple Beth Shalom will be there to help you honor these life events and make your celebrations occasions that can be cherished forever.
  5. Your Contribution
    Our membership contribution schedule is flexible based on one’s income and ability to pay. You can find out more in the membership application.
  6. Membership - Membership Application 

To find answers for any of your questions about membership, please start by calling our office at 509-747-3304. 

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